Sunday, February 22, 2009


Awesome, doomy, crusty punk/Metal brought to you courtesy of John from Fuckface and Malachi and Jensen, the drummer from Iron Lung. Artimus Pyle (named after the drummer from Lynyrd Skynyrd) are an on-again, off-again project based in both Seattle and Milwaukee. Their songs are short and brutal, alternating between speedy thrashings and plodding thunder.

Reminiscent of both angular crust like His Hero Is Gone and sludgier fare like Grief or Eyehategod, these guys aren't afraid to take a few chances with song structure, making for one Hell of an interesting listening experience. Get this shit!

Right: Artimus Pyle, registered sex offender.
Below: Artimus Pyle, killer fucking band.

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sludge_feast said...

this band definitely doesn't get the amount of recognition they deserve. every release of theirs is great.

gooniestorm said...

actually skottzy pope plays drums on this and the first ep. skottzy was the most amazing drummer i have ever seen play, he custom made his own drum sets because he couldn't find one's that were big and loud enough. he also played in fuckface, the faggz and the rudiments. skottzy was paralized in a bike accident a few years ago, but is now a professional murderball player. so yeah, nothing against jenson, but it kinda pisses me off to see you give him credit for skottzy's work, especially since he was kicked out of the band after this record and replaced with some straight edge scenester. so there.