Sunday, February 1, 2009


In celebration of the TWO hundredth post on Illogical Contraption, which just so happens to fall on the TWO month anniversary of Illogical Contraption, here's a TWO part download, the entire recorded work of amazing Crustcore/Weirdo/Metal band His Hero Is Gone. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, HHIG only existed for four years, but managed to pump out one cassette demo, two 7 inchers, 3 full-length EPs, and a split 12 inch (with Union of Uranus). All of them are available here, so if you're not already familiar with this brutal, shredding Grind unit, GET ON IT. They RULE!

Download HERE

His Hero Is Gone live, 1997:


Peter said...

Fucking love this band, thanks, I hadn't heard everything yet. Much appreciated.

Steven said...

My old band Ganglion had a show with HHIG in Memphis in '96. They took like 30 minutes to set up, freekin Raged for about 10 minutes. Then they just kinda stopped playing, shuffled around looking at their amps. We thought something blew up or something. No, that was the end of their set. Not even sure how many songs they played. Weren't too friendly as I recall. But they rocked suffiently hard enough that I bought all the records they had at the time. Now I have the split too. Sweet.

Steven said...

Oops, "sufficiently". Can't stand bad spelling.

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Never heard of this band before, but the video is interesting enough, and the sound's kind of cool, so no harm in checking it out.

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Mitch said...

odd they played at the newport. then again i wasn't going to shows in '97. i fucking hate that place now. house shows are the way to go in Columbus! stop by the Legion of Doom if you like good ole DIY crust!