Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Another classic from the sci-fi soundtrack MASTER, Mr. Jerry Goldsmith. Unfortunately, this version is ripped from an album or something, so the whole thing is just one 45-minute long track. But it is absolutely AMAZING, a tripped-out synthesizer robot freakout that fires on all 8 cylinders and goes a million directions all at once.
For those unfamiliar with the film (you poor, poor souls), it's a futuristic tale about a cop (Tom Selleck) whose specialty is tracking down and destroying rogue robots. Gene Simmons stars as an evil genius/head of an electronics firm, and Kirstie Alley, in all her coke-addled 80's glory, is also thrown into the mix, seemingly just to be hysterical and annoying for the duration of her screen time.
Goldsmith's score is a perfect match for the film, all weird circuitry misfires and atmospheric zaniness. Another gem from the king of the craft.

Download HERE

Above: "Gene Simmons Killed By Robot Spiders - Nation Mourns Loss Of Iconic Douchebag".

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I saw the LP version of the OST in a thrift shop, read your post and went for it right away.

What a wreck of a movie. You gotta love it!