Sunday, February 1, 2009


So apparently, Total Bro and Dalton drummer Erik Thybony (left, shirtless) has been harboring a dark, dark secret. Cory Feeling, innocently Googling his friends' names the other day (NOT a creepy move, Cory, don't sweat it), came across a 1989 newspaper article about a young kid, named Erik Thybony, who stumbled across some strange bones while out on a walk with his dad in the Arizona desert. The bones turned out to be an undiscovered species of dinosaur, a small carnivorous raptor. The dinosaur was named "Thyboniensis" after the young lad who discovered it. Pretty much the coolest thing that could ever happen to an 8-year-old kid, right?
Cory, interest aroused, questioned OUR Erik as to whether or not the kid in the story was, in fact, him. "Oh yeah", Erik replied, "I had totally forgotten about that".
Although the bones were never fully excavated (they were on the Painted Desert Reservation, and locals refused to let paleontologists dig there), Thyboniensis HAS been identified as a new dinosaur species. Named after my bro.
Plus 500 Cool Points, Erik, and minus 500 Cool Points for not remembering. Nice.

Below: Concrete evidence verifying Erik's story, a 3rd grade homework assignment I found documenting it in its entirety. Me and Cory researched this shit DEEPLY.


Aesop said...

Did you know that my real name is Bronto and I had a similar thing happen to me?

Shelby Cobras said...

fish in a barrel, aesop. fish in a barrel.

Erik said...

I'm Erik Thybony, and I approve this message.