Friday, February 20, 2009


Inspired by the return of my very-Metal vehicle (see two posts ago), I decided to slap together a quick post about cars, Metal, and Metal cars. OK? OK.

First off: The 'A-Team' van. VERY METAL.

Below: Sweet ride, and a nice use of skulls and antlers. But this guy probably goes to Burning Man. NOT VERY METAL.

Speaking of Burning Man, how 'bout a Prius monster truck? Nice try, but still NOT VERY METAL.

Then there's this sweet ride. Some sort of feathered wizard guy, with an Aztec princess and a bunch of red skulls. I guess that's PRETTY METAL... And then...


Or this one:

Below: It appears as if someone stayed up all night, drinking Carlo Rossi burgundy and eating Top Ramen, and then barfed all over their ride. VERY METAL.

Above: Crazy Jesus car. NEGATIVE METAL POINTS.
Below: Crazy demon car. PRETTY METAL.

Evil-flaming-skull semi-truck: KINDA METAL, if you're into UFC, Oakley shades, and late-era Exodus.

Every vehicle that appears in the film "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" - VERY, VERY METAL.

-The Snake Truck:

-The Charger:

-The Buggies:

-Max's Wheels:

Even Mad Max-inspired cars are PRETTY DAMN METAL (the cat in the bottom left corner of the picture seems to dig it):

Above: The car that Bonnie and Clyde got offed in. Getting killed is SUPER METAL.
Below: In addition, cars that kill people, such as Christine (from the book by Stephen King and the film by John Carpenter), are also VERY METAL.

How about a giant, robotic, fire-breathing dinosaur that EATS CARS?! Ladies and gentleman, I give you... ROBOSAURUS, THE METAL-EST CREATION EVER!
For Robosaurus' "official" website, click here. I highly recommend checking it out. It's pretty ridiculous.

This is what a Robosaurus dump looks like:

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