Thursday, February 19, 2009


(Sorry about the crappy cover image, apparently it's the ONLY ONE on the internet and I managed to somehow lose my physical copy of this CD.)

A pretty straightforward concept. Punk bands (mostly Bay Area) covering Metal classics of the 80's. Guilty parties: Fuckface, Krupted Peasant Farmers, Betty's Love Child, Rudiments, Limecell, Lopez, Schlong, One Eye Open, Your Mother, Bar Feeders, Muscle Bitches, Randy, Slackjaw, Hickey, Towel, Lost Goat, Fuckemos/Piss, and Busrider. Highly recommeneded are Fuckface's version of Venom's "Welcome To Hell", Lost Goat's cover of Twisted Sister's "Burn In Hell" and Fuckemos AND Piss covering Celtic Frost's "Procreation Of The Wicked" (on the same track, one band through the LEFT speaker and the other through the RIGHT). Speaking of Fuckemos, does anybody know where I can get some more of their music, especially the album "Air Show"? All I have is an old cassette, and it RULES.

Download HERE


Slander Bob said...

Can you please repost the link? Lost my copy years ago.

gary sargent said...

please re up load