Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm waiting for the "honeymoon" to end with Captain Beyond.

Allow me to explain:
I'm a little schizophrenic when it comes to music. I can't listen to the same album over and over, eventually I'll get sick of anything if I hear it too much. I usually go through a "honeymoon" phase with any album (or band) I really dig, I listen to it (or them) several times, totally entranced by the radness, but eventually the magic wears off and I've become "married" to it, usually skipping over it on the ol' iPod no matter how entranced I was by it initially. The honeymoon ended for The Beatles when I was about 10, Zeppelin when I was probably 14. But certain albums never get old for me, such as both Necrophagist albums, Sir Lord Baltimore's "Kingdom Come", or Dust's "Hard Attack" ("Suicide" absolutely KILLS ME ((pardon the lame pun)) every time I hear it, always).
Which brings us to Captain Beyond. I had heard about these guys quite a bit from the Early 70's Hard Rock Cognoscenti every time I mentioned Deep Purple or Iron Butterfly, but lagged on getting their shit until recently. Upon first listen, I was completely blown away by their delicious blend of stony proto-metal and early-70's psychedelic weirdness. Second listen, ditto. Third? Yep.
I have a very distinct feeling that Captain Beyond's 1972 self-titled debut will join the ultra-exclusive "permanent honeymoon" club. It pumps my nads BEYOND belief (lame pun #2, sorry) every time I hear it, and I really can't see it getting old anytime soon. There are so many things RIGHT and GOOD about this album that I could never write them all down in one place. It simply encompasses everything that music SHOULD be, rocking, trippy, and heartfelt.
Cory, Erik, and Melanie, download this record and take note: This is what our band NEEDS to sound like. Seriously.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a hotel room, a bottle of champagne, and an amazing rock and roll record I need to get back to.

Download HERE

Full 21 minute television performance, 1972. Part 1:

Part 2:

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