Sunday, February 1, 2009


Locust Furnace has existed in the dark, stony underbelly of the Humboldt metal scene in one form or another since 1991. Mainman John Stanovich, Total Bro and the only guy willing to record a Death Metal band in Eureka, has kept this band alive for 18 years with a revolving roster of E-Town Hessians, playing shows in bowling alleys, garages, and the occasional biker bar. "Ignorance Through Perception" is probably their MOST official release, something I got on a Sharpied CD-R back before I moved away from Humboldt. Sorry about the lack of cover art, but if I recall correctly, it was just a photocopy of Morbid Angel's "Altars of Madness" with the band logo and title cropped out.

Despite their inability to break out of the small-town scene (I can tell you firsthand, it's hard as fuck to get a Metal band out of Eureka), Locust Furnace plays some top-notch Deathgrind, similar to Dying Fetus or Suffocation at times but also displaying a proggy, early-90's-Floridian sensibility. Plus, you get covers of Death's "Pull The Plug" and Sepultura's "Troops of Doom". So you KNOW their heart is in the right place.
Locust Furnace is in a state of suspended animation at present, lacking a drummer (as usual), but something tells me that they'll still be around after the fires of the Apocalypse wipe the Earth clean, and all that remains are cockroaches and dirt.

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Anonymous said...

thanks shelby, well written, locust furnace is currently alive, just got a new drummer, but now need a bassist, your bro in humboldt, john from locust furnace.

Anonymous said...

were alive! we are a full lineup again and have a 12 song set, check us out! were on reverbnation, facebook, myspace and humboldtmusic, we have a current demo for sale, place an order!!