Friday, February 6, 2009


Another vanity post. This is a one-off project my buddy Joe and I recorded back in the summer of '07. Sweet Baby Jay played synth-chimes, and Erik, drummer for Dalton and amateur paleontologist, played the hi-hat. We had big plans for Master Control Program, a studio electropop project aimed at dissing SF-area douchebags, but this ended up being the only thing we ever recorded. I began composing music for a second track, about Burning Man, but Joe is an avid Burner, and got offended. Then he moved to New York. Chump.
"I Am A Hipster (Hipster Anthem)" never got mastered, so the sound quality isn't amazing, but I'm very proud of this track, and if you've ever been around hipsters (especially San Francisco hipsters) you'll probably get a hearty laugh out of the music AND the lyrics. Download it, you really have NOTHING to lose.

Download HERE

Below: A group of hipsters prepares to accuse each other of being hipsters.

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