Friday, February 27, 2009


OK, so raise your hand if you remember the 1992 sci-fi/action/thriller Freejack. Now look around you. Does the guy in the next cubicle have his hand up, too? Sweet! Now you guys will have something to talk about (besides sports or the economy) on your lunch break. You're welcome.

In case you're NOT familiar with the film, here's a sweet trailer help you out:

Wikipedia sums up Freejack's plot thusly: "In the polluted, dystopian year 2009, the super-wealthy achieve immortality by hiring "bonejackers," mercenaries equipped with time travel devices, to snatch people from the past, just prior to the moment of their deaths, for use as substitute bodies. Those who flee, rather than allowing their minds to be replaced with those of the rich, are known as "freejacks," and considered less than human under the law.
Alex Furlong, played by Emilio Estevez, is a Formula One car racer who is just about to die in a spectacular 1991 crash when a time machine snatches him from the cockpit and into the 21st century Bronx, a wasteland populated by scavengers and killers. When Furlong's captors are ambushed by a hit squad, the time traveler is able to escape from Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger), the hardened mercenary who has snatched him on behalf of the all-powerful McCandless Corporation. As it turns out, Alex's former fiance Julie Redlund, played by Rene Russo, is now an executive at McCandless, handling high-stakes mineral negotiations with a rival Japanese firm." Etc., etc...

Awesome, right? WRONG!!!
Somehow, this seemingly can't-miss film, set in the amazing year 2009 (I've actually been waiting 17 years to write this review), was a complete disappointment, even to the pathetic standards of a 13-year-old. You see, I went to see this one at the old Eureka Theater, way back in 1992. I had saved up my hard-earned allowance (and it was "hard-earned", mind you, where I come from kids had to do shit like chopping and stacking firewood as household chores - seriously), totally stoked on the explosions, crazy vehicles, and machine guns in the preview. Dude, what a letdown! Freejack, to the best of my recollection, was a major snooze-fest, and served the sole purpose of strengthening my anti-Mick Jagger sentiments tenfold.
But you know what? I'm willing to give it a second chance. Against my better judgement, I'm Netflixing this shit. I must have been missing something back in 1992. This movie has to be awesome. IT HAS TO.

Oh, and speaking of Mick Jagger and "bonejackers", you should probably go to this show if you're in SF March 21st:

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Anonymous said...

The best part of this flick is the credits rolling and the Scorps belting out their last good tune. Late at night when you're all alone take a ride into the danger zone oh yeah!