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Ah, the decadent, ridiculous, coke-addled 80's...
The movie industry was undoubtedly at its zenith in this wonderful decade, pumping out the best goddamn action, horror, and comedy films ever known to our civilization. But today we're going to talk about a different genre altogether: The PARTY movie. Bros really knew how to party in the 80's, and the proof is in the films listed below (among others). This is by no means a complete list, as it would be near impossible to pay homage to ALL the awesome party flicks of the 80's. But it's a decent start.
I gotta give a quick shout-out to the Illogical Contraption Brain Trust (aka Charles and Erik), who helped me compile this (and tomorrow's) list over beers and tequila at the Pig and Whistle last night. Thanks, dudes.
Although I was too young to truly "party" in the 80's, these movies taught me all the sweetest Party Moves that I still employ at any social gathering to this very day. Feeding drugs to donkeys, doing keg stands, and dancing shirtless with a necktie around your head are always classy moves, be it at a raging frat party or a sophisticated box social.


"Weekend At Bernie's", at face value, was your average 80's comedy, but its creators threw a brilliant wild card into the fray. Namely, a CORPSE! Predictably, hilarity ensued, followed by financial successand a couple sequels.
The films' two protagonists Larry and Richard find their boss, Bernie Lomax, murdered while en route to his luxurious beach home (where Bernie was planning on having them murdered for uncovering his fraudulent activities). Rather than turning his dead body over to the authorities, though, the two chums pull a major Bro Move and decide to pretend Bernie is still alive so that they can party at his beach house all weekend. NICE!
Although the partiers in this one are higher class than those in the films further up the list, they still know how to get down, and Larry and Richard spend a totally rad weekend boozin' with hot babes.

Below: Dead people = SWEET PARTIES!


4) BACK TO SCHOOL (1986)

Rodney Dangerfield, comedic genius and major star in the world of 1980's comedy, starred in this fish-out-of-water flick, alongside Oingo Boingo (left), Sam Kinison, and Kurt Vonnegut. If that's not a recipe for a killer party, I don't know what is (Vonne-get wasted? Hell yeah!). Dangerfield parties all over campus, cavorting with bikini-clad ladies in a hot tub, rocking out to cool jams, and pissing off the college dean. Extra points to this movie for having the dean as part of the plot, too. College deans are the classic anti-party menace, and make great villains in any Party Movie. CHOICE!

Right: Anyone remember Rappin' Rodney? Man, that guy NEVER got any respect!

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo jam down with Rodney D:


This film forever established the Jocks vs. Nerds theme present in many, many movies that followed. Lambda Lambda Lambda, the "nerd" frat, was pitted against Alpha Beta, the "jock" frat, in the quintessential battle of underdog vs. establishment, a far-reaching social commentary on class and social warfare that also happened to contain some of the awesomest partying ever committed to film. Ogre (above, left), played by Donald Gibb from "Bloodsport" (there's a guy who deserved a blog post all his own...), was the ultimate beer-chugging, long-pissing Jock antagonist, one of my favorite Party Movie characters EVER. "Revenge of the Nerds" proved that the Dork Contingent could get just as crazy as the popular kids, in a flurry of burp-and-fart jokes, homosexual stereotypes, and wet-nightie contests. BODACIOUS!

Below: Lambda Lambda Lambda, aka Party Central.


2) SKI SCHOOL (1990 - Not technically an 80's movie, but fuck it.)

Right: Q: What has two thumbs and loves to party?
A: Thiiiis guuuuy.

"Ski School", in a slightly different take on the "Revenge of the Nerds" theme, pitted rich kids against outcasts in a hard-partying, wise-cracking ski battle of epic proportions. This movie contains so many awesome party scenes it's ridiculous, and with good reason. What better place to party is there than a plush ski lodge? Also, "Ski School" co-starred Stiles from "Teen Wolf 2", so, you know, major Party Movie street cred THERE.
Although it was released in 1990, I consider "Ski School" an 80's movie, not only because it was technically MADE in the 80's, but also because its tone and spirit perfectly summarizes everything that was TOTALLY RAD about 80's Party Movies. If you haven't ever seen it, you really should. Do you still have a VCR? I'll let you borrow my tape. TUBULAR!



Of course it's "Bachelor Party". Duh. Name ONE MOVIE that parties harder than "Bachelor Party". Go ahead. I'm waiting...
Every element of an epic Party Movie is present in this one, from frequent nudity to drug use (by a DONKEY, to boot!) to sex with transsexuals to "Nick The Dick" to mega-hot 80's fox Tawny Kitaen. It really sucks that Tom Hanks went on to do bogus shit like "The Polar Express" later in his career. In a perfect world, he would have overdosed and died on the set of "Bachelor Party", remaining sacred in the minds of decent-film lovers everywhere. But alas, it was not to be. So sad.
There is really NOTHING bad about this movie. This is some Next Level Bro Cinema, a movie so good I've seen it a dozen times and still can't remember how it ends. And dude, the donkey gets so HIGH it fucking DIES!!! THAT'S REALLY FUCKING HIGH!!! FUCK YEAH!!!


PS: Can anyone attest to the quality of the film "Sex Appeal"? It looks boring and awful in the trailer, but for Chrissakes LOOK at that guy's shirt! It says "PARTY NAKED"! This movie MUST rule.

Never seen "The Party Animal" either, but it is legendary in Party Movie circles. I wonder if Netflix has it....


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Part Animal is great, Boobs, Bros, and The Buzzcocks. See it and know what I mean. I'm sure Netflix has it, if they don't I definitely do and would be more than happy to lend it to you.

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