Friday, February 27, 2009


Couch was a BIG DEAL in Eureka in the early-to-mid 90's. They were the only band that managed to get signed to a semi-major label (Lookout), and one of the few bands that actually toured out of state. This might not sound like much to all you city-folk, but it was inspiring to all the young punkers in the area (myself included). Couch (who later had to change their name to Thee Couch of Eureka after a legal dispute with another band called Couch) were the leaders of a good sized Art-Punk movement in Humboldt County at the time, and their freaky live shows left an impression on lots of kids, many of whom started up their own bands as a result. Booze, violence, and vomit were all common themes at Couch shows, along with sloppy (albeit top-notch) rock and roll, which leaned heavily on everything from 70's glam (a la T.Rex or Bowie) to early Flaming Lips to angular Midwest bands like The Jesus Lizard or Big Black. Although they wore their influences on their sleeve, Couch always had a distinct sound all their own. They were aggressive and snotty, but could also do wonders with an acoustic guitar and a fuzzy vocal melody, as evidenced by the songs "Songs" and "OH", which were written by their bass player Sara. Sara has been a friend of mine since kindergarten, and actually joined Couch at the ripe old age of 13 (the same year I was saving up my allowance to go see Freejack - see below). I've lost touch with her in recent years, much the same as Humboldt County has lost touch with its acid-soaked punk rock roots, which is sad. But at least we still have "Year of the Zombie" to take us back to the good old days, the days when punk was scary, the kids were pumped, and a great song could still send a chill up your spine.

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