Monday, February 2, 2009


My main goal, here on Illogical Contraption, is to blow minds. Whether it be with awesome Metal, quantum physics, or rad pictures of unicorns (left), I aim to make my beloved readers THINK, not just skim through and forget what they've seen.
But here's the Mind-Blower to end all Mind-Blowers. If you are mentally unstable, on heart medication, or easily frightened, I urge you to please read no further. This shit is HEAVY.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Ultimate Conundrum:

David Bowie , in the 1970's (above), bore a striking resemblance to Bridgette Nielsen in 1985's "Red Sonja" (below).

Stay with me here...

Bridgette Nielsen, circa 2005 (above), bore a striking resemblance to Jon Mikl Thor, circa 2005 (below).

Here's where it gets crazy...

Jon Mikl Thor, in 1987's "Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare" (above), bears a striking resemblance to none other than... DAVID BOWIE IN LABYRINTH, 1986 (below)!!!

Chew on that shit for awhile.


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Only you can work another with actor Rutger Hauer and Cars bassist Benjamin Orr. Make it happen Shelby.

str8ev said...

mind blown, sir.