Monday, February 9, 2009


Skitsystem plays some kick-ass Crustcore punk/metal in the vein of Discharge or their Swedish countrymen Disfear, but without that repetitive "D-beat" we all know and love. No, Skitsystem refuse to play by The Man's rules, carving out their own path in this dark, brutal journey we call life. While paying homage to their predecessors, they still manage to forge a unique and intense sound, a barrage of distorted mayhem both complex and straightforward. This album is a severe pummeling within a relentless beating, and should not be listened to by the sick or the elderly.
Skitsystem doesn't want to chill out and have a beer with you, bro. Skitsystem doesn't want to be your "friend" on Myspace. Skitsystem just wants to kick your ass, plain and simple. Bow to them or face your annihilation.

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TMM said...

This album really rules. They just blow Disfear and Wolfbrigade out of the stratosphere with this one. Blodskam is one of my favorite Swedish Crust songs EVER!!!!!!!

jaginguene said...

I totally agree, vicious album

Viagra said...

Holy! Now this is something... amazing job done here, I am finding new bands more often here than I did in my entire life, this guys totally kick ass.