Saturday, February 28, 2009

About Me and Absu

By Peter

Hello readers of Illogical Contraption,

This is my first post here so I thought Id tell you a little about myself. Im a 22 year old man who can't grow a legitimate beard. I enjoy music. I work as a stage hand and don't own a television. I was born in Virginia and lived in Richardson, Texas for four years.

One of the only good things to come out of Texas, besides Cici's Pizza, is the band Absu. Absu is from the same county I lived in (Plano). They started out playing Blackened Death Metal. Their latest release is an awesome mix of Thrash and Black Metal. The first track almost reminds me of 3 Inches of Blood without the falsetto vocals.

Their newest CD is self titled...

Check it out here.


Shelby Cobras said...

Thanks for the sweet jams, Pete. And welcome to the team.

Shelby Cobras said...

I like the band photo, too. Reminds me of that guy down on pier 39 who covers himself in silver paint and robot-dances while blowing a whistle to scam money out of tourists.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Peter -

I will forgive you mentioning the mighty ABSU in the same sentence as poser-metallists 3 Inches of Blood as it is your first post.

Just sayin'.

Looks like Shelby's assembling the legions...

Shelby Cobras said...

I must take issue with 3IOB being labeled a "poser-metal" band. I saw 'em last year at Thee Parkside and they totally melted my face.