Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Far too often, a really good band will go and do something totally shitty. Bad "concept" albums, stupid videos, or shittily-recorded "official bootlegs" can all be part of the problem. But every so often, an otherwise crappy group will go and do something totally sweet. Such is the case with radio-friendly U2 ripoffs Muse. I hate their singer's crappy haircut, their bass player's stupid cowboy hat, and their whole "sensitive indie-rock guy" shtick. And although I can't stand their music, they somehow managed to make a really rad video for the (almost semi-palatable) song "Knights of Cydonia". Kung-fu, unicorns, and lazer guns all play a part here, and I regret to inform you all that this video, in fact, rules. I'm so very sorry.

Please, tell me I'm wrong:


Aesop said...

The song is an amalgam of Apache, the first two songs from Pixies "Bossanova" album, and the vocals are culled from various Freddy Mercury moments. The video is okay. I bet these back petting asshats never even saw "ONce Upon a Time in teh West" the greatest movie ever. I give it a C+

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the director of the video get all the credit? the band probably wanted something entirely different but the director was like "shut the fuck up and put on this lipstick"

everybody knows the band's ideas are always total shit