Thursday, December 18, 2008


Dude. I really can't believe it's taken me this long to post this amazing piece of music history. This is a compilation of 1-minute long radio commercials for St. Ides Malt Liquor, performed by a virtual who's-who of early 90's gangster rap artists. Ice Cube, Scarface, The Wu-Tang Clan, EPMD, Rakim, Yo-Yo, and MC Eiht are but a few of the hip hop masterminds present here, proving that petty spats and gang warfare mean nothing in the face of a great cause (such as promoting the best malt liquor around: The motherfuckin' CROOKED 'I'!!!). These guys rallied together despite their differences to produce a truly kick-ass album, something for young and old, black and white, drunk and sober to enjoy TOGETHER. Transcending its obvious value as a mere novelty album, every song presented here HITS HARD, HITS FAST, then GETS THE FUCK OUT.

Check out the track listing below:

1. King Tee "St. Ides"
2. King Tee & DJ Pooh "Forty Ounce Fit for a King"
3. King Tee & DJ Pooh "Tha Bomb Malt Liquor"
4. King Tee & E-Swift "Do Ya Like St. Ides?"
5. King Tee "Do You Wanna Go To The Liqor Store?"
6. E-Swift & King Tee "Let's Have Some St. Ides"
7. Ice Cube & King Tee
8. Ice Cube & DJ Pooh/E-Swift "S.T. Crooked I.D.E"
9. Yo Yo & Cube "Femalt Liquor"
10. Ice Cube & Dj Pooh "All I Want for Christmas"
11. Ice Cube "Jackin for Malt Liquor"
12. Ice Cube "We Don't Want No 8-ball"
13. Ice Cube "Wish They'd Come up with a 12-Pak"
14. Ice Cube & Dj Pooh "Blind Fold Test"
15. Eric B & Rakim "Real Men's Drink"
16. Rakim "Get Some....."
17. Yo Yo & King Tee "You Need A Six-Pack"
18. EPMD & Ice Cube "East Meets West Malt Liquor"
19. Erick Sermon "40 oz or a Can"
20. Kool G Rap, DJ Pooh & Sir Jinx "Getta Grip, Take A Sip"
21. Geto Boys & Cube "5th Ward/South Central Malt"
22. Geto Boys "My Malt's Playin' Tricks On Me"
23. Snoop Doggy Dogg "St Ides in the LBC"
24. Warren G "When We Sippin' On Tha Brew"
25. Nate Dogg "Drank Anthem"
26. MC Eiht "The Brew Took Me Unda"
27. Scarface "Drankin Toon"
28. Wu Tang Clan "Shaolin Brew"
29. Snoop Doggy Dogg "Dogg Food n Drank"
30. Ice Cube "Crooked I for All Ages"

(P.S. Aesop, if you don't have this already, you NEED it. Trust me.)

Download HERE


Lo-Res Viscera said...

This is a perennial favorite in my house.
Well played, Shelb!

Aesop said...

Hahahahahahahah. I been sitting in this one daunted by the task of writing something clever and not at all racist about it, but now I don't have to. It's fucking awful and pretty much a clearcut example of black-on-black crime.

Anonymous said... know I rock this shit every fucking day. Further proving that I am black ya'll, I'm black ya'll I'm blacker than blacker than black ya'll...
And I mean that. To all of you PC fucks that actually think that I'm a racist biggot. I'm actually bonified 100 percent mutha fuckin' BLACK

Shelby Cobras said...

yeah, this record pretty much rules, race arguments be damned. i'm glad you dudes are tuned in, i hope you're all enjoying a tall can of the st. ides brew while you read this.

Aesop said...

It makes my jimmy thicker.

Anonymous said...
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