Thursday, December 11, 2008


All-female trio Bleach 03 share a whole lot soundwise with their fellow countrymen (and countrywomen) Melt-Banana. Both play blasty, experimental punk with bird-chirp vocals, distinctly weird and distinctly Japanese. Bleach 03, however, skip the heavy use of guitar effects and extremely short songs to showcase their phenomenal playing, sort of a weird, noodly, funky affair not unlike Victim's Family. They also utilize some really harsh hardcore screamage, something I always wished I would hear in a Melt-Banana song. Discombobulating but also oddly poppy, Bleach 03 rips it up but still manages to remain cute and cuddly. Of course, endearingly ingrish song titles like "Canary Empire Strikes Back" and "Lightning-Flowers Don't Bloom From A Dead Tree" don't hurt either.

Download HERE

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Kinki said...

Thaanks for ulpoad the cd! :D
I love this band!