Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I decided to post these 2 albums together due to their similarities in content. Nekrogoblikon's "Goblin Isalnd" is all about goblins from space invading the Earth. Devin Townsend's "Ziltoid The Omniscient" is all about aliens from the planet Ziltoidia-9 invading Earth. They are also both very stupid, kind of funny, and very well executed. So now that we've established their relation to each other, let's explore how they differ:


If you dig metal, you are probably already familiar with the enigmatic Devin Townsend. From his years with the appropriately-titled Devin Townsend Band to his work with Strapping Young Lad, he has consistently churned out high quality metal for 2 decades. Along with his extensive work as a producer, he also runs his own studio and, until recently, was an avid skullet enthusiast. "Ziltoid" is his first completely solo work, playing all the instruments and doing all the vocals (he programmed the drums using something called ezDrummer). It's a great listen, the jams are top-notch and the between-song bits mildly amusing. The story is about the title character, who is the lord of Ziltoidia-9, invading and enslaving the Earth, demanding their best cup of coffee to enable his further quests through space and time. All in all, another great addition to the Townsend library, goofy as shit and chock full of chunky riffage.

Download HERE


Nekrogoblikon hails from the frosted realms of desolate Santa Barbara, California. Their tunes are sort of a bouncy, Finntroll-esque Viking affair, with adequate shreddery and ridiculous-but-awesome vocals. The bits between songs are corny to the point of being gag-inducing, but are somehow perfect for this disc. I was not expecting to dig this band much, but was greatly surprised when it popped up on the trusty ol' ipod. They rule! If you're a fan of dorky Viking metal with a bad sense of humor, give Nekrogoblikon a spin.

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