Friday, December 12, 2008


Brocas Helm is a big old chunk of San Francisco metal history. Active from 1982 until they were last heard from in 2007 (that's 25 fucking years!!!), "Black Death" was their self-produced landmark release, a crazy, shredding, Satanic masterpiece. Although questionably mixed, this album contains some truly inspired riffery. Brocas Helm was only a 3 piece at the time, but sound like at least 7 dudes going absolutely nuts. Weird sound collages cascade from out of nowhere, guitar solos squeal from the pits of Hell, and the NWOBHM-esque vocals are completely out of control. Brocas Helm is THE DEFINITION of metal, a tribute to the Devil and all things loud, rocking, and RAD!

Download HERE

Dude. THAT moustache + THAT sword? This guy is my hero.


Aesop said...

That's Jim "The Wizard" Schumaker

Shelby Cobras said...

Also known as "Dark Rider" if i'm not mistaken...?

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The name Brocas Helm comes from a piece of armor placed in the Tower of London., I think that they were one of the most important bands in the 80s, I have been in many of his concerts in San Francisco!!22dd