Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've heard this album called "deathrock" quite a bit. I'm not really sure what that means. I like "Death" and I like "Rock", but somehow the 2 words together just don't sit right with me. This disc is bigger than that term, bigger than even "punk rock". Rudimentary Peni is a fucking amazing band, but they went WAY out on a limb with this one, alienating many fans and critics with its heady brew of mumbling voices, strange noises, and straight-up punk riffs. This is by far my favorite Peni album, ostensibly a twisted tribute to H.P. Lovecraft but more effective as a disturbing glimpse into the mind of R.P. frontman Nick Blinko. I have the original Outer Himalayan pressing, and the lyric sheet reads like a fucking novel. Metric tons of prose and mysterious gibberings sandwiched together with drinking songs and Poe-inspired couplets, the work of a guy trying to express something bigger and darker than he can really explain. I fucking LOVE this record. And I know some of you fuckers will too.

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jeremy said...

Wow. No comments. Not only is this the best Rudi P album, it's also one of the best albums ever recorded, ever.

Anonymous said...

The first beautiful album is Death church, but the second is Cacophony.
Great band, raw sound and isterical voice.
Good job