Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This album serves as a nice companion piece to the Sir Lord Baltimore album I posted a couple days ago. Raw, proggy rock and roll, much too heavy for its 1970 release date, Lucifer's Friend trod the same path as the boys from Sir Lord, albeit from the dank basements of Germany. Englishman John Lawton (later of Uriah Heep) fronted the group, who released one previous album under the name Asterix. This is good, bluesy, rockin' shit, a must-have for any fan of early 70's hard rock. Especially awesome is the track "Ride In The Sky", a controversial song due to its similarities to Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" (both were released in 1970). Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

wow goo stuff!

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errr good