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Above: The Moog Liberation, "one giant leap for mankind".

In 1980, analog synthesizer wizard Robert Moog and designer Anthony Masakowski turned the music industry on its ear with the introduction of an innovative new product. Dubbed the "Liberation", it was essentially a keyboard with a guitar strap and a built-in "neck" that housed controls to alter pitch and vibrato. This piece of groovy instrumental fusion became what we now know as the "Keytar". This hot item further proved Moog to be a pioneer in the world of musical instrument design and electronics, and helped to cement his legacy as a visionary in the field. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2005, but his legend lives on in his inventions, and every time a Keytar shreds, he weeps a tear of joy, sitting on a throne made of analog synthesizers in Heaven.

Web page for a documentary about Moog's life here.

Robert Moog, way cooler than you >>>

Since its creation the Keytar has seen its share of champions, many of them lame 80's New Wavers, but some of them true shredders, and the Keytar still holds a place in the lives and imaginations of many musicians to this day.
Take, for example, multi-instrumentalist Stu Simone. Simone shreds full-time in his appropriately named band, Keytar, but also jams in an 80's glam cover band called Hair Guitar, a Journey cover band called Escape, and two original hard rock bands, Heaven & Earth and Infinity. He also toured with Poison. Busy guy!
Check out his awesome Keytar homepage here

Stu Simone: Cool, but not as cool as Moog.<<<

Stu has a message for the kids!>>>

One of the Keytar's highest-profile shreddifiers is Vadim Pruzhanov, formerly of the ultra-cheesy British power metal band Power Quest, currently of the ultra-cheesy British power metal band DragonForce. Vadim's maximum riffication and wacky onstage antics have brought him to the forefront of the modern day Keytar movement, and he has played in front of millions of fans and graced the cover of many a music magazine.

Rock on, Vadim!

Below: Another high-profile Keytar enthusiast, electronic jazz fusion riffographer Herbie Hancock.

A video of some dude totally SHREDDING the shit out of a Keytar:

At this point, you're probably asking yourself "what's the future of the Keytar?". Ironically, your question was answered way back in the early 80's, by a guy aptly named FUTURE MAN!

Future Man, left, with jazz banjo dork Bela Fleck>>>

Future Man, a.k.a. Ron Wooten, a.k.a. "Futch" is the percussionist for Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (and brother of bass virtuoso Victor Wooten). Mr. Man upped the ante by inventing the amazing DRUMITAR, a drum machine/guitar hybrid. Apparently arriving from a distant future where post-apocalyptic pirate robots rule the Earth and musical instruments are made out of Legos, Futch's outrageous Drumitar spun the music world for a loop when he first introduced it. Someday I'm going to totally blow him away and invent a GUITARITAR!

Fun Fact: Melodia, villain from the 80's cartoon classic 'Silverhawks', had an awesome Keytar that she used to shoot musical lazer thingies at her enemies.>>>

In conclusion, Keytars (and Drumitars) are hella sweet, and any metal band that doesn't use one are a bunch of posers. HAIL KEYTAR!!!

Above: This picture would be way cooler if the dude on the right was holding a Keytar.


Hi my name is: Cory said...

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