Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Every so often, an artist comes along who COMPLETEly reshapes the field they work in. Picasso's Cubism, Black Sabbath's introduction of the concept of EVIL in pop music, Dangerfield's bug-eyed realism revolutionizing the world of comedy, all were visionary geniuses whose work was not fully appreciated until decades later. COMPLETE is just such a band. Unencumbered by the constricts of rhythm, tempo, structure, or tonality, COMPLETE's free-form rock brilliance shone like a dazzling quasar in the sky, only to taper and fade before the uncomprehending public could digest the magnificence before them. COMPLETE were pearls before swine. But I digress. Let the masters speak for themselves. Let COMPLETE "take you to a magical place... A place called... HOOGIE-BOOGIE LAND!!!"

Yes... Bask in their beer-soaked glory. Here's one more, just to drive the point home. This one is called "Dream-Ing". Why the superflous punctuation, you ask? Because they're ARTISTS, that's why. Did anyone ask Bowie why he sported an eyepatch during the Ziggy Stardust days? Never! So here it is. Ladies and gentlemen, commence the Rock-Ing!

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