Friday, December 19, 2008


Jerry Goldsmith was one of the most prolific film composers ever. From the late 50's until his death in 2004, he pumped out score after score, providing ill jams for everything from the Rambo movies to 'Total Recall' to gross sex flick 'Basic Instinct'. He was well respected in Hollywood, and notorious for his use of both unconventional instruments and recording techniques. In 1976, he won his only Academy Award (after 17 nominations: he was the Susan Lucci of film composers!) for the super-evil soundtrack to 'The Omen'. But that same year, he squeezed out THIS little gem, the soundtrack for 'Logan's Run'. It's a great score, dramatic and suspenseful, but the true treasures here are tracks like "Flameout" and "The Love Shop", effects-drenched analog synth freakouts that (at least in my mind) define the atmosphere of this film. Jerry Goldsmith was the MASTER. Here's proof.

For a complete list of his film scores, click here

If you've never seen 'Logan's Run', now is the the time to check it out, in all its fantastic, leotarded glory. Word is, a destined-to-be-terrible remake is slated to destroy the Logan's Run legacy in 2010. Yuck.

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Box The Evil Robot sez: "Dude, this soundrack OWNS!"


Aesop said...

Goldsmith also did that wild Planet of The Apes score all simian free avant jazz cuckoo.

Dawn said...

Thank you so much! =D