Monday, December 15, 2008


I saw that Cory over at Cory Is A Feeling! just started up a series on Ennio Morricone sleeper albums, so I figured I'd drop a turd in his punchbowl by posting one of my own. Ha! Suck it, Corn Dog!

Speaking of dogs, this here is Morricone's soundtrack to the controversial 1982 Samuel Fuller movie, 'White Dog' (the flick didn't see proper release until 1984). In the film, a white supremacist trains his dog to only attack black folks. A benevolent Kristy McNichol takes the pup in, sending him off to an African-American trainer (Paul Winfield) to break him of his racist habits. Long story short, the dog is cured, and the real mongrels are exposed as its masters, both black and white alike. Good stuff.
The soundtrack is a bit of a departure for Morricone, far from the Western fare he is known for. A much more conventionall take on film scoring, this disc is full of creepy violin and standard classical jams. Gone are the reverbed-out guitars and marching snares, showcasing Morricone's mastery of the traditional film soundtrack, presented here in its purest form.

Download HERE


chakicory said...

fuck you!

Shelby Cobras said...

Yeah. You like that, don't you, bitch?

Felix said...

I was really looking forward to dowloading this OST. Any chance you could upload or tell me another source of getting it?

thejobloshow said...

You can download the soundtrack here as of the date of me posting this: