Sunday, December 7, 2008


This post is dedicated solely to under-appreciated alternative pop/rock artist Chris Gaines. Reclusive and cryptic, not unlike author J.D. Salinger or artist Henry Darger, Chris Gaines has always kept a supremely low profile, denying interviews and shunning mainstream media. His only public appearance, as the musical guest on a 1999 episode of Saturday Night Live (hosted by country music legend Garth Brooks), stands as a benchmark for alternative rock artists everywhere, cementing him as an icon in the collective American psyche. Apparently inactive since his late-nineties 'Greatest Hits' album, Gaines remains a mysterious enigma, shrouded in controversy and adored by legions of hungry fans. I sincerely hope that he resurfaces soon, with his unmistakable blend of ultra-smooth, genre-hopping rock and roll. Here's to you, Chris. Hopefully someday you will find the strength to face your public again, and when you do, I hope that they're ready to have their minds COMPLETELY BLOWN!

(Coming next week: A post on hot new R&B diva Sasha Fierce!)

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that he was an alter-ego of Garth Brooks? And is not a real person?