Monday, December 8, 2008


Budgie were a Welsh first-wave metal band who were basically the missing link between Sabbath and Priest. Faster and more traditional than the former and slower and more bluesy than the latter, Budgie never really found their niche despite a string of really good albums, and ended up ultimately best known as a band Metallica covered at one point ("Crash Course In Brain Surgery"). Just check out those first couple of tracks! "Whiskey River" (not the Willie Nelson song) and "Rocking Man" are straight up rockers, and the party keeps going from there. Despite the heavy jams these dudes lay down, I think my favorite part is the vocals. Somewhat nasal and nerdy sounding, but still tough as nails, they fit the music perfectly. Although the roots of Budgie go back all the way to 1967, this 1972 release (their second) truly defined their sound.

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I totally want to drink beers with these fuckers.

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