Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Demilich hails from the magical, troll-filled realm of Finland. This is the only album they ever released, and is surprisingly complex and forward thinking. I would put it on par with the same sort of stuff Suffocation and Gorguts were doing in '93, but Demilich sounds like they're doing it while huffing glue in a basement somewhere. The vocals are ridiculously deep and belchy, and the whole album sort of careens from one direction to another at random, like a drunken orc returning home from a long night at the boozer. The ridiculously titled songs sometimes sound weird and out of tune, but somehow it adds to the Demilich mystique; the playing is still spot-on. Sort of like proggy, proto-tech death metal for intoxicated homonculi. Or something.

Download HERE


phinehas.roy said...

Music was decent, a little techie for my taste, but what an awesome logo! I would have picked it up for that alone.

Viagra said...

I would say they are sniffing cement rather than glue... this guys are in whole different league. But I agree with Phinehas just the logo is enough to pick them up.

Max said...

Catching up with some old stuff. I dig this, especially the zanier, proggier music, but it's weirdly bloodless. The vocals just kind of float there like some majestic alien space toad, offering idle comments on the music but not really a part of it.

Word on the logo, too. Frickin' sweet.