Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Sacred Steel are cheezy as fuck. These guys must have grown up suckling at the muscular, hirsute teat of the mighty Manowar, chugging the essential metallic nutrients needed to write songs as epic as "Wargods of Metal" and "Carnage Rules The Fields of Death". Just get a load of that album cover. The nude barbarian squatting on a pile of his fallen foes, the bad font, the Gods of War overseeing the whole scene... This is some corny, epic shit. But listening to this band, I have to admit: They majorly pump my nads. More speedy than Manowar and less bombastic than Rhapsody, Sacred Steel rule th realm between them, penning thunderous tales of Battle, Blood, and above all, METAL. File Sacred Steel under "Guilty Pleasures". Don't ever let your girlfriend catch you listening to them, but if you're the type of dude that stays up late at night with a flashlight, shamefully jerking off to DragonForce solos underneath a bedsheet (which I am), you NEED to get this.

PS: This is either the best or the worst video I've ever seen:

Download HERE

Above: Apparently, Paul Shaffer from Letterman moonlights as the singer for Sacred Steel.


Anonymous said...

I liked this for about thirty seconds and against my better judgement i let the song finish. by the end it was about as awesome as that "teenage dirtbag" song that used to be on the radio all the time. The band are a bunch of metal session-musicians and the singer is probably a jazz producer who met the rest of the group at a swingers night.

this is what happens when your music is based on two good ideas and neither of them is "hey, let's write songs that people want to listen to more than once"

Shelby Cobras said...

Wow. Take a Ritalin or something, dude. It's just music.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! Bloodlust (2000) was a kickass drinking album! A friend of mine inexplicably found it on the ground or something like that, and from then on, Blood On My Steel, Stormhammer, and of course, Metal Is War (fuck yeah it is!) became anthems for cheap beer and setting stuff on fire. Sacred Steel made college that much more awesome. Thank you for posting this!