Friday, December 19, 2008


This album pretty much sums up why I love Heavy Metal. The shreddage, the anger, the cathartic violence are all here, in massive amounts. Imagine At The Gates on angel dust or Kreator shooting speedballs and you start to get the picture of just how ripping Sweden's Hypnosia is. Hyperspeed thrash done to perfection, with sweet lyrics about Hatred, Violence, Cruelty, Death, and more Hatred. Unfortunately, this was the only record they ever produced (not counting 2 demos) before they split up in 2002. They probably just realized that they had made the MOST METAL ALBUM EVER and decided to quit while they were ahead. Now they all have day jobs doing data entry at a Swedish accounting firm. But they still get together on weekends to have a couple horns of mead, kill some kittens, and talk about the good old days, days when men were men, thrash was brutal, and Hypnosia was king.

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Anonymous said...

Shelby - this is great fucking stuff! thanks for putting it up.

john / milwaukee

Shelby Cobras said...

thanks john, good to hear from you bro!!!