Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I have to admit, I originally purchased this CD based solely on the merits of the cover art. Something about the oddly-shaped troll-man, mushrooms sprouting out of his back, stirring up a pot of what appeared to be nacho cheese for a fleet of evil forest gnomes struck a chord with me, and I quickly snapped it up. Upon first listen, I was blown away by how heavy and diverse Asmegin is. I was expecting generic Folk/Viking metal along the lines of Otyg or Storm, but these guys bring quite a bit more to the table. Sporting death-y vocals, string instruments, melodic female vocals, and a shitload of double bass pummeling, this disc weaves in and out of concepts and genres, creating a truly interesting, heavy ride. I heard they put out a new album in '08. Anyone heard it?

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