Sunday, December 7, 2008


Nocturnus' sci-fi/horror-meets technical death metal sound was revolutionary in the early 90's metal scene. 2 classic albums, 'The Key' and 'Thresholds', cemented their place in the metal pantheon, and any hessian worth his salt owns at least a couple copies of both releases. Nocturnus suffered internal chaos after their meteoric rise, shuffling band members for a year or two before disbanding (and subsequently regrouping for 2000's 'Ethereal Tomb'). This 2-song 7"/EP was their last hurrah before the breakup, and is surprisingly some of their best work. Check out 'Mummified', probably my favorite Nocturnus song, which finds the Mike Browning-less group in top form, trippy, shredding, and oddly catchy.

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Looking good, fellas.

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Thank you, now I have all the collection.