Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Through the course of their career, Deeds Of Flesh have trodden a well-worn path of blasting, brootal death metal, never deviating far from the time-tested formula: play fast, play crunchy, play mean.
But much like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon, "Of What's To Come", Deeds' new full-length, is an entirely different creature altogether. Riffage is off-the-wall, ultra-shreddy and experimental, much unlike the chunky, repetitive chords displayed on past efforts. I've heard that longtime mainman Jacoby jumped ship last year, leading me to believe the remaining dudes were like "fuck it, let's take a bunch of acid and make something REALLY fucked up". Or something. Either way, the cover is AWESOME.
This one reminds me alot of the Gorguts classic, 'Obscura'. Both records are fine examples of a well-established band in a well-defined genre completely tossing the rule book out the window 10 or 12 years into their career and making something completely unique and insane. Kudos on this one, Guys From Deeds of Flesh.

PS: I hope all you chumps out there in the Contrap-Nation make the best of the coming New Year. Don't go out and do anything too stupid tonight.
Hopefully, this album is a good omen "Of What's To Come" in 2009. See how I did that? Huh? Huh? Niiiiice.

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