Saturday, December 6, 2008


Idiot Flesh was the pre-Sleepytime Gorilla Museum project of Nils Friekdahl and Dan Rathbun. There is really no way to classify their music, it must be heard to be believed. Their live show was a freaky, communal affair, part puppet show, part dance troupe, part avant-garde performance art, and part found-object marching band. All this hubbub actually comes through on the album, it is cacophonous, goofy, artsy, and AMAZING. 'Fancy' was their last release, preceded by 1994's 'The Nothing Show' (which I'll post eventually), a couple 7 inches and, preceding those, cassette demos (released under the name Acid Rain). Completely original and disarmingly corny, 'Fancy' is an underappreciated Bay Area gem.

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