Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was reminded of how goddamn EPIC the 'Burbs soundtrack is just recently, as I watched said film in preparation for the writing of this post. Obviously, you just can't go wrong with Jerry Goldsmith, whether it's creepy reverbed-out horror noodlings, jaunty 50's-style Leave It To Beaver string arrangements, or complex, swooningly dramatic crescendoes. You get all of the aforementioned with The 'Burbs.

Goldsmith was The MASTER. You want more? OK:

The Omen OST (1976)
Alien OST (1979)
Total Recall OST (1990)
Logan's Run OST (1976)


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A sampler:


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John Rapp said...

I really can't believe I'm downloading the soundtrack/score for The Burbs... haha. I love that movie. Thanks bro, good stuff.