Tuesday, March 2, 2010


One of the lesser-known and less-appreciated bands of the East Coast speed/thrash scene, New Jersey's Blessed Death were nonetheless talented and ass-kicking, while still suffering from a mild case of schizophrenia. You see, Blessed Death (judging from their recordings, at least) couldn't decide who they wanted to be. Balls-clutching Belladonna falsetto vocals? Check. Gruff, Lemmy-esque barks with hints of Araya, punctuated with Baloff screeching? Yep. Ook-dack ook-dack thrash drum patterns? Got it. Teutonic Sodom/Destruction riffs? No problem. Atonal Hanneman/King solos? Affirmative. Etc. etc. etc...
Not that there's anything wrong with any of that. These guys might have had split personality issues, but it still makes for a damn fine record. If anything, the on-again, off-again opera wailing might get a little tiresome ("Pray For Death"), but if you can handle early Hirax, you'll be fine with Blessed Death. Thrashing, slamming, beer-swilling, coke-sniffing, denim-and-leather fun, with lyrical themes displaying the prerequisite mid-80's fascination with nuclear war - as well as a couple songs about computers and aliens thrown in for good measure. This chick is totally into it.

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"Heyday" era Blessed Death...

... And then there's this. I'm guessing this photo was taken sometime around their unfortunate 2006 "reunion":

Extras from that Martini Ranch video? You decide.


Speaking of "destined for extinction", WHAT. THE. FUCK.


Tomjay said...
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Helm said...

The best thing about Blessed Death are the random falsetto screams literally every other line.

Steven said...

No shaved heads in the "after" picture, impressive.