Friday, March 26, 2010


Absolutely mind-numbing, chaotic crust/doom from Baltimore, Maryland. Wake Up On Fire existed in the early-to-mid-00's, touring extensively before changing their name to Nux Vomica and moving to Portland, Oregon a couple of years ago. As for the music, Hmmmm... Did anyone check out that NUIT album awhile back? Comparisons could definitely be drawn there, as W.U.O.F has a similar flair for atonal, non-distorted composition heavy on the classical string instruments. But then the vocals come in, and all of the sudden you've got, like, 16 angry crusties puking their lungs out all over the place. And then the distortion starts. Fuck this band is scary.
Let's take a moment to inspect their band photo below. Freaky, tatted-up, dreadlocked crusty dude on vocals? Check. Someone playing a cello under a giant Budweiser ad? Check. Multiple drumsets, one of which being built out of strange, experimental-looking percussion objects? Check.

What are you waiting for?

Download HERE

Wake Up On Fire: Myspace / Last.FM
Nux Vomica: Myspace / Last.FM


Asa said...

Not ALL of them moved and became Nux Vomica, because IIRC a lot of the members still live here in Baltimore. Their drummer Kevin Hannigan passed away this fall-- rest in peace, dude.

Shelby Cobras said...

Sucks to hear that, my old band played with these guys 6 years ago or so and Kevin seemed like a really cool guy. RIP