Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blackholicus - The Illogical Interview

Way back in my second post for I.C. I told you about this band from Austin called Blackholicus. You read that here and you got their first record here. I mentioned the difficulty of pronouncing their name and they politley responded here.

Both a Trappy Award winner and fronted by an I.C. G.L.O.M., I believe we can call Blackholicus an I.C. favorite and a friend of the blog. Last week I sent some questions over to vocalist and bass shredder Margaret Myrick. Here now, are her answers. In my opinion, all of them are correct.

Now you’re name is Margaret. Do you prefer, Marge, Maggie, or M. Night Shredalan?

Close enough.

Do you know who I am? Are you familiar with my work?

Why yes in fact. Good work covering Gentle Giant. More people should be exposed to them because they're great!

Ms. Shredalan, your new record shreds balls. Almost too hard. I sense there must be at least one dork in your band. Conservatory, band camp, jazz class, or all of the above?

A couple of us were in band and take music lessons (for our non-guitar pursuits) but otherwise we are self-taught. No music degrees. But yes we are dorks. Michael's a particle physics researcher, I am a programmer for the state, while Domenic and Spencer are the cool ones ha ha.

How do you feel about metal bloggers that post your material on line for free? Are they assholes undermining your record sales or is it an appreciated form publicity in line with the standards of 2010?

Different people are willing/able to commit to a band at different price points. That's why bands have both lighters and hoodies. I think the entry point is $0 to hear a band these days, which is good because you don't have to spend money on music before you hear it like pre-internet times (had to hear through a friend, radio or some other medium).

I wish we made more money, of course, but I also participate in the free music model and don't give every band I hear money. It's just the reality of the music business now.

One of my favorite parts about your recordings is the preservation of a “raw” sound. Are you guys old school tape snobs who track live or a bunch of cheaters who use beat detective and pitch correction?

Tape snobs. We recorded at Hot Tracks!!! here in Austin with Matt Smith, who is meticulous and obsessive about sound and uses a vintage tape machine to record. Though we are still a fairly low-fi band, we spent a lot of time and money to do tape. Variations in Death Minor (first album) we recorded way cheaper in 2006 and that was digital.

Austin used to be the independent music hub of the southwest. But now every time I go back the place is looking more and more like Las Vegas. What happened to your beautiful city and when are you guys moving to Portland?

It's true, but at least the Hard Rock Cafe went out of business. So we do have a somewhat higher standards than Las Vegas. Once they take over Red River it's time to move. And people who move into downtown condos really need to stop complaining about the noise. They have changed the laws about how loud live music can be and it's pissing me off!

I hear you guys are having a yard sale to finance your trip to London. Besides a bong shaped like two dragons fucking, what’s the best thing you guys will have for sale?

Classic Magic cards (Serra Angels people), a glitter dress, Metallica tab books (learned 'em already), and breakfast tacos made fresh by Michael! We would never sell the dragon bong.

Other plans for 2010?

Continue working on our third album and get to the UK is it. We're playing a show with a Motorhead tribute band (fronted by Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys and Watchtower fame) at the Mohawk July 17 and we're going to learn a bunch of English rock and metal covers to help fund our trip. If you're in Austin come watch.

The last time I wrote I about you guys, I referred to your albums as “bonable”. Does that make this awkward?

Hey there's a hole in it why not.

What are three 3 new records you think we should hear?

I don't know if they have an album but Faceblaster from San Antonio is an awesome upcoming band. Suzukiton's untitled album on their Facebook page but not out yet. We've been waiting for a long time for that one! We listened to Mastodon - Crack the Skye and Bible of the Devil - Freedom Metal when we were on tour.

Favorite crazy Texan. Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston, or Towns Van Zandt?

DJ crashed an airplane on purpose. I'd have to say him. I think he's in a band in Waller now.

Witchfinder General, Witchfynde, Angel Witch, Acid Witch, Witch King White Witch, Burning Witch, Icarus Witch, Gypsy Witch, Witchcraft, Witch Hammer, or Witch?

witchcraft or angel witch

9/11. Inside job?


Anything else we should know about you guys?

I can't think of anything.

Conspiracy supporting, taco eating, tape tracking, ball shredding mother fuckers. I can’t say it enough, I love this band.

I might be wrong, but I think their answer to question number 4 gave me permission to do this. Here is their brand new record, Megaforte. It FUCKING SMOKES. So take it, but lets help send these bros to the UK. Go here to by a shirt or order their CD (DO IT!), and when they come through your town, I expect you to provide both couches and breakfast tacos.



Manslaughter said...

I totally spewed water all over the computers in the library at the school I work at laughing. The kids are giving me crazy looks. Just another day I guess. Hey Blackholicus, hit me up for SF or Oaktown. I'll make you tacos galore.

Shelby Cobras said...

Tacos will be provided TWOFOLD when you fuckers get out to the Bay Area (although I can tell you firsthand Manslaughter's tacos are better than mine).

Being a responsible and supportive consumer, I've already gone to CDBaby and bought my physical copy, but riddle mw this: How do I get a shirt? I saw a picture on the Myspace page but no order link.
Help me out over here.

PS The new songs have already decimated my countenance. HAIL.

Aylmer said...

thank you so much for this. love the first album, been wanting to hear this for ages. great interview. will purchase many shirts and lighters.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the support! You can get our shirts at

Sounds like we need to sample some California breakfast tacos!

- Margaret from Blackholicus

Shelby Cobras said...

Awesome! I want one of the green-on-black ones. How do I specify that on the site? If a just order a dude's medium, will there be a place I can write in a note? I don't want to end up accidentally buying a light grey one. I look TERRIBLE in light grey.


Erik Del Tigre said...

I want to see a picture of this bong shaped like two dragons fucking.

Viagra said...

This band is really cool, and Margaret is pretty funny, seems like the type of band i like, awesome music and great personality... Go Blackholicus!