Friday, March 19, 2010


If you've been paying attention AT ALL, you might have noticed that it's been sort of a Ladies Week here at IC. A virtual shitstorm of female-fronted bands have been floating around here in the last couple days, so I figured I'd toss in one more as a weekend going-away present.
I promised you some Damad in Wednesday's GLOM post, and here you have it: crusty, down-tuned evil straight out of Savannah, Georgia, led by the all-over-the-place vocals of Ms. Victoria Scalisi. Depending on who you ask, Damad existed from about 1992 to about 2001, and former members of the band can now be found playing in Kylesa.
This album will pump your nads, and then it will incinerate them. Comparisons to Initial State and Skarp are fair, but Damad threw quite a bit more DOOM into the mix, as well as a menacing flair for otherwordly psychedelia. And check it out, cover art by Pushead! Bonus!

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2006 Reunion show:

Damad on Blood Sisters (thanks to cdg for the link) / Myspace / Last.FM


degelh said...

Yes, yes, this is very good stuff with the addition of Scott taking them to the next level, but does anyone have the first S/T 7"?? I honestly can't stand to listen to it on my 15 year old third generation cassette recorded from a crummy turntable anymore!

RyGar said...


Viagra said...

What a cover... it just rocks.. it's so damn cool a great cover for a great album.. am really enjoying this GLOM thing... i had no idea there were that many bans female fronted.