Friday, March 5, 2010


"Real" death metal died in 1992. Maybe that's why 1993 was such a great year for DM. I mean, it's called "DEATH" METAL, right?
Sure, Florida had already "blown up" and even Sweden was cooling off a bit by 1993, but the wave took a little time to get to Pittsburgh, hometown of the semi-political doomgrind meatheads known as Rottrevore. Rottrevore were a standout in the Second (Third?) Wave Death Metal movement, creating the exceptional Iniquitous and a few demos in the early 90's before falling completely off the map. Relapse attempted to revive their legacy on a 2004 'Singles Series', and Rottrevore themselves planned a reunion at the 2009 New Jersey Metal Fest. But in true DM fashion, they flaked out, leaving this brutal little disc as their last will and testament.
Fuzz bass, blast beats, and Cookie Monster vocals? Nothing wrong with that equation. And oh hey, look... I just posted Rottrevore's first demo over on Hell Crust a couple days ago. How conveniemt.

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