Sunday, March 28, 2010


Something of a "flash in the pan" in the world of psychedelectronic music, NYC's Silver Apples existed for only three years in the late 60's, although they reformed for a second run in the mid-90's and have risen to prominence in the electronic music scene once again in the last decade and a half. Composed of minimalist oscillation manipulator Simeon and drummer Danny Taylor, Silver Apples recorded no less than three albums in their three years of existence, although 1969's Garden didn't see release until 1998.
Remember Lothar And The Hand People? Silver Apples are in the same boat, albeit quite a bit more stripped down and cosmically haunting. Like The Hand People, Silver Apples were fronted by an electronic instrument known as The Simeon (The Hand People were fronted by a theremin named Lothar), which was fittingly played by Simeon himself. Here's the catch: The Simeon, unlike the simpler Lothar, was (according to liner notes) "nine audio oscillators piled on top of each other and eighty-six manual controls to control lead, rhythm and bass pulses with hands, feet and elbows". Got that?
As I mentioned before, Simeon managed to track down Taylor in the mid 90's for a full-on reunion, which led to tours, new albums, and several appearances at the hipster conflagration All Tomorrow's Parties. Their tour van crashed in '99, severely injuring Simeon, but he still manages to perform (in a slightly diminished capacity) to this day. Unfortunately, Danny Taylor passed away in 2005. But Simeon (and THE Simeon) still keep The Apples alive.
Dig their first two albums below.


Download HERE

CONTACT (1969)

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"Oscillations" & "Seagreen Serenades", both from the self-titled album:


Roger Camden said...

big favorite of mine

Roger Camden said...

almost forgot
I've got their 1990s albums here:
not as amazing as the 1960s stuff
but still totally worth a listen

Shelby Cobras said...

Sweet. I'll check it out.

Daniel said...

Silver Apples played the other night,never listened to 'em.....Ludicra was playing the same night at the club I work at...I opted for Ludicra and was not let down. Anyways that Silver Apples You tube shit was reminding me of Trans Am(sure they were influenced by SA) downloading now.