Thursday, March 25, 2010


One year ago today (well, a year ago yesterday, technically) IC hosted our first annual coloring contest. It was a rousing success, bringing in exactly 1 (one) entry from reader "Smeg" (Smeg's entry is shown at right). Although the low number of entries made the judging process exceedingly easy, I bet we can do better this year. Like, two.
The rules are simple: Select an image from the menagerie below. Fill it in with all the colors of the rainbow, using the image manipulation program of your choice (MS Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, whatevs). Extra points will be awarded to anyone who has the sack to print an image, physically color it, scan it, and send it back. All entries will be published, and the winner (chosen by a distinguished panel of ME) will be awarded a smug sense of superiority.
Below you will find five images awaiting a magical explosion from your own personal fountain of color. Pick one, or be an over-achiever and spray all five. May your aim be true.

(click images for full size)

"Run Ronnie Run"

"Black Brothers Protect Black Children" (from the 1968 CIA disinformation/slander pamphlet The Black Panther Coloring Book)

"Dirty Ponies"

"Discordian Unicorn"


Send entries to illogicalcontraption(at)yahoo(dot)com. You have ONE WEEK.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes! Submissions sent 3/27.