Sunday, March 28, 2010

Visceral Bleeding - Remnants of Deprivation

Visceral Bleeding is death metal at its finest. Its fast and technical without being too clean or masturbatory. While the music is top notch, I think Dennis Röndum's vocals are what really set it apart from the rest. They are over the top, at times he opts not to even use words but instead barks to the beat. Fucking raw bro. In addition to being an excellent vocalist, Röndum also plays drums on the album. This talented SOB went on to do the same combo for Spawn of Possession which you may remember from Shelbys write ups here, or here.
As far as I can tell hes not playing with anybody at the moment. He left Spawn of Possesion after recording Noctambulant in 2006. Hopefully this isn't the last we hear of him.

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