Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paul Scheer Recommends Five DVDs!

I asked comedian Paul Scheer of MTV's Human Giant to recommend five of his favorite DVD's to our readers. Here's what he said:

1.) Tron - yes this movie is the butt of a lot of jokes but not until you see it will you understand how truly bad it actually is. Yes the effects are cheesy and the idea is uncomprehensible. But it's the little things I enjoy like how one of the main characters wears glasses but very rarely every puts them on his face, he just carries them in his hand.

2.) The Might Boosh (Seasons 1 & 2) This is one of the most groundbreaking, interesting, and hilarious shows I've ever seen. It's a little tough to digest at first because the format is so stunningly different then comedy shows that you are used to watching. But I guarantee you that after you watch a handful of episodes you'll be hooked and wanna go back and want to see them again.

3.) Bowfinger - This movie answers the question, "Are Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin capable of making a truly hilarious comedy anymore?" The answer is yes. Eddie Murphy is awesome, Steve Martin is hysterical and I love the plot line that mirrors Martin's own real life relationship with Anne Heche and Terrance Stamp as the leader of a religious cult is awesome.

4.) Rambo (2008) Holy Shit. This movie is insane.

5.) Sullivan's Travels - This is a classic Preston Sturges film that the Cohen brothers pulled the title for "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" from. It follows a famous Hollywood director as he tries to research and get in touch with "the simple people". Equally hilarious and heart warming. The film still holds up till this day.

Thanks, Paul!

Paul is a master Tweeter and is going to be in the new movie Piranha 3D (which looks fucking awesome!) and here he is in one of my favorite sketches of all time. MIND EXPLOSION!!!


Will Towles said...

Piranha 3-D, YAHHHHH!

Eli Roth is in it, GROOOOOOOAN!

Erik Del Tigre said...

I take issue with the stance that Tron is anything less than a masterpiece of cinematic achievement.

That said, Bowfinger is comedy gold. Paul Scheer knows what the fuck's up.

Cory said...


Shelby Cobras said...

Neither have I. And I had never noticed that thing about Bruce Boxleitner (I assume he's talking about B.B.?) holding his glasses the whole time in Tron either, in the million-plus times I've seen it.

I also have to agree with Erik. There is no "comedic value" about it. Tron is quite simply the apex of all filmmaking, ever.

Manslaughter said...

Cory is it true they're making a Mighty Boosh movie? Please say yes.

Cory said...

Yes. There is also a new DVD documenting their last tour.