Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have rubbed up against Deathwitch a couple times in the past here at IC, first on the ruling Awakening: Females In Extreme Metal compilation from 1997 and then again on the equally-ruling Thrashing Holocaust compilation from 2000 (side note: earlier incarnations of Deathwitch included two women in the lineup, hence their inclusion on Awakenings). Those two "casual encounters" just weren't enough, though, so today I present their second full-length album, a tasty little platter of minimalist Satanic vengeance entitled Dawn of Armageddon.
Straight up, this is some really fucking ugly black thrash, with subject matter running the gamut from fucking to blasphemy to angel-raping to grave desecration to sodomy to murder to kicking Jesus' ass and back. If you dig evil shit like Aura Noir, Nifelheim or even Bewitched, Deathwitch will most likely appeal to you. Plus, they're from Sweden. So everyone wins.
This chick is totally into it.

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