Thursday, March 11, 2010

Witchfinder General – Complete Discography

I’m sorry, give me a second. My head is still spinning from Shelby’s last post. And I’m a little preoccupied fashioning a tin foil hat that qualifies as business casual. Anyway, lets burn a fucking witch.

I’m pretty sure you already know all about Witchfinder General. You read this blog, so there is no need for a lesson in NWOBHM. They are one of my personal favorites of all time and one of the first bands that truly opened the gates of metal for me. You probably already have their first 2 studio albums, Death Penalty and Friends of Hell. If you don’t, get them now and there’s no need to tell anybody you didn’t have them. In fact, you can start telling people later on today that "Free Country" is one of your favorite songs.

Greatest album covers of all time?



Yes. They are.

For those of you who are already seasoned Witchfinder fans, I offer to you the rest of their catalogue, just to make sure everybody has their bases covered. Here is the Burning a Sinner 7”, the Soviet Invasion 12” EP, the Music 7” and Live in ‘83.





Now in 1984, vocalist and song writer Zeeb Parkes left the band. 22 years later, the rest of the band decided to reform and record a brand new record without him. Truthfully, its awful. Its just fucking terrible. Zeeb’s absence barely even qualifies this as a Witchfinder album, but I’m including it, because a true fan needs to have it anyway.


If you’re new to this band then start with Friends of Hell. If you’re an old pro, you’ll just get it all:

Burning a Sinner

Soviet Invasion

Death Penalty

Music 7"

Friends of Hell

Live '83



Shelby Cobras said...

"Music" = Illogical Contraption theme song.

SEANFORD said...

dude. so true. story of my life. we used to cover that on tour but it didn’t work without that keyboard.

Manslaughter said...

SWEEEET> Discography. Complete. Now gimme that Gun album wouldjah?

Shelby Cobras said...

Whatchya mean?

Manslaughter said...

Tried bro. Wouldn't let me. Maybe I'm just fucking retar...nevermind don't answer that.

Manslaughter said...

Yep.Retard indeed. Got it!

Shelby Cobras said...

How bout this:

(We call that a "bro move" around here.)

Shelby Cobras said...


Crankenstien said...

they just don't fucking care how much they are butt fucking black sabbath but man do they rock! i love the smell the glove inspirational cover art. Best witchburning song ever.

Viagra said...

Honestly am new to this band but still am going to get it all, except the resurrection if you say it doesn't even qualify as a Witchfinder General album, then it will go with Helloween's Chameleon and Megadeth's Risk.. in other words recycle bin