Monday, March 29, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Band Hyped On Internet Actually Sucks!

Herein I give you latest in band hype fail. I remember reading about nu-synth act Salem at hipster hype-machine 20jazzfunkgreats last year. They had this to say about the band:

"If you’ve even heard one song by Salem, you’ll know what we mean: Dubstep’s violent shadow, malevolently through ruined city streets, slight rainfall, flickering street lamps, cobalt clouds glowing in the pitch dark skies."

The popular blog compared them to, and I quote:

"...listening to John Carpenter disco 12″ edits backwards at 33rpm."

And even to such greats as minimal experimental duo Suicide and junkie siren Nico. (WTF)

Well thanks to the good people at The Levi's Company and Fader Magazine, us norms can finally experience this wonderful and exciting new band for ourselves and have our minds blown! Ready?!

WOW! The future of music is a gross dude in a Detroit Tigers hat totally jamming out on a drumpad!

(PS. This is NOT a St. Sanders "shred" video.)

UPDATE: Fader Mag makes themselves look silly by defending the booking of this band and backpedals on their own statements concerning the band being booed off the stage.


Shelby Cobras said...


mikeTM said...

woah! that totally sucked! wish you could hear some crowd booing at the end, cuz that's all it deserved.

Helm said...

To be fair, if you've caught any clips of metal bands playing where the soundman decided guitars aren't important let's press the dimmer button on those bitches, you'll have to agree that this is more an engineering record that the band sucking.

Sure she can't sing and the whole thing feels uncomfortable, but I have some sympathy for a band getting bad stage sound, at least.

Shelby Cobras said...

@ Helm:

Of all people, you are the very last I would expect to be playing devil's advocate for these fuckers. Way to keep us guessing.

Anwar said...

My favorite part of this whole video is the stunned silence of the audience directly after the "song" ends. Also, the arhythmic tangent the drum pad dude goes on for a while. Kudos to this band for making me feel better about myself

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha, that was awful!

Also, Cory rules

Shelby Cobras said...

Shut up, Cory.

Anonymous said...

two questions:
1. do you think that this band got booked because someone thought the chick singer was hot?

2.And does your opinion of the hotness of this chick relate to your opinion of this band

also - thought it was funny that the camera managed to focus sharply on all brand name logos: budweiser, alesis

Cory said...

Thanks anonymous admirer! Also NO this band was not booked on acct of the singer. The Fader has been hyping these d-bags for some time now. Man the email I've got today defending this is amazing.

"They're junkies give them a break!"

"The sound guy didn't have the reverb up enough!"

Lols all around.

Anonymous said...

cory, you only answered one of my questions - you didn't answer whether you thought the chick singer was hot, and whether her hotness or lack thereof influenced your opinion of the band.

Erik Del Tigre said...

That band just took me on a trip to Hoogie Boogie Land!

Actually, that's not fair. Complete can play their instruments better than these toolbags.