Saturday, March 21, 2009


I hope you guys all took a moment to watch the Creed "Shred" video Peter posted the other day. If not, go back and do so immediately. Now that you are familiar with the basic format of the "Shred" video (adding crappy, psuedo-satirical audio to pre-existing music videos), let's watch a couple more. These things never fail to make me laugh REALLY HARD.

Def Leppard SHREDS:


Judas Priest SHREDS:

For the Nine Inch Nails SHRED video (the best one I've seen so far), click here (sorry, it's non-embeddable).

Cory: Go ahead and leave your snarky insult about how "people were blogging about Shred Videos, like, 5 years ago" in the 'Comments' section. I'll make sure and read it REAL soon.


cory said...

actually wired did an interview with the dude that makes em in feb 08 and he was on jimmy kimmel show with slash last year.

you inter-poser.

Shelby Cobras said...

Oh snap.