Monday, March 2, 2009

CONFESSOR - DEMOS (1989/1990)

Two 4-song demos from an amazing fucking band, Uncontrolled (below, right) from 1989 and Collapse (left) from 1990. These demos preceded their label debut, 1991's monumental Condemned.
As much as I hate over-used music critic cliches, Confessor can only be described as "ahead of their time" (ugh), playing tunes that were HEAVY in a completely different way than anyone else.

If you've never heard Confessor, they sound something like a doomy, primitive Meshuggah with the chick from Heart on vocals (except she's a dude). Or something. I dunno. Watch the video.

Download HERE

Confessor playing some 'Battle Of The Bands' in Houston, 1988. Please note the vocalist's awesome neon green swim trunks:

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lovin' it! thanks